Working closely with our customers, we design and implement efficient software solutions across a number of technology platforms. We are always keeping our services up-to-date with the latest trends in technologies, platforms and standards, providing our customers with high-end-class custom solutions.

Design Practices

When creating an architecture for the solution we make sure that all appropriate industry architecture best practices and patterns are applied. Over the years we've developed a big variety of proven guidelines for building extensible, high-performance and scalable applications.

Software Development

Based on specific needs and size of individual project we adjust our software development process to maximize it's efficiency. 

Professional project management and flexible resource allocation helps us to minimize project coordination overhead. 

To meet project budget we can also leverage highly skilled offshore development forces. 

In order to deliver highly scalable, distributed and performance efficient solutions for our customers we have developed a Software Development Framework that incorporates best practices and many years of our experience in development of such applications. 

Quality Assurance Automation

We help software development companies to deliver high quality products with continuous testing and automated quality assurance. We work with our customers to include automated testing into their continuous integration processes. 

We build custom QA automation solutions using our Software Testing Framework which allows to implement wide range of functional and performance tests.